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Corporate Membership

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Membership in the Stanford Photonics Research Center is available to companies interested in establishing mutually-beneficial relationships with the Stanford photonics community 

SPRC offers member companies facilitated engagement with Stanford faculty, students, and researchers via faculty-led Working Groups, SPRC workshops and symposia, research project collaborations and visiting researcher programs. SPRC uses Stanford Industrial Affiliates Programs to provide a mechanism for multiple faculty and multiple companies to discuss and explore broad research topics in a pre-competitive environment. Membership fees directly support research and teaching in photonics at Stanford; in turn, members gain facilitated engagement with Stanford photonics students, faculty, and current and emerging areas of research at Stanford. SPRC membership benefits include:

  • Colloquia and symposia
  • Special sessions
  • Focused workshops
  • Student recruiting
  • Company focus days
  • Visiting scientist program

Membership is available at three levels: Observer Status, Standard Membership, and Senior Membership

For current membership fees, click here.
For current members, click here.

Observer Status

This introductory membership level is provided to companies and organizations who prefer getting better acquainted with the research activities at Stanford University to assess which SPRC investigator or Faculty Working Group they will support.

Standard Membership

In addition to the basic benefits available to all members, Standard Members may participate in a single SPRC Working Group, and may elect to allocate research funds (a portion of the membership fee) to a single Stanford photonics faculty/researcher in accordance with SPRC Advisory Board and University policy. 

Senior Membership

In addition to the basic benefits available to Standard Members, Senior Members may participate in multiple SPRC Working Groups, and may elect to send one visiting scholar to work with their host Stanford photonics faculty.

Intellectual Property Provision

Member Companies acknowledge and agree that this Industrial Affiliates Program (“program”) is governed by Document 13.4 of Stanford’s Research Policy Handbook which is attached hereto as Exhibit [A]. Specifically, Member Companies understand that (a) Stanford’s principles of openness in research and dissemination of research require that any results of research pursuant to this Program be made available in a timely manner to person(s) and entities not participating, in this Program; (b) while members may offer suggestions for research activities, Stanford faculty must select research topics, adopt research methodology, and select participants, (c) any requests to send representatives to Stanford to collaborate on research will follow the established procedures and standards applicable to visiting scholars at Stanford, and (d) no license or other intellectual property rights will be granted as a result of membership in the program.

Other provisions

Affiliate Program members may provide additional funding. All research results arising from the use of the additional funding will be shared with all program members and the general public. Affiliate Program members may request the additional funding be used to support a particular area of program research identified on the program's website, or the program research of a named faculty member, as long as the faculty is identified on the program website as participating in the Affiliate Program. In either instance, the director of the Affiliate Program will determine how the additional funding will be used in the program's research.

The site presentations and all information, data and results arising from such visitation interactions will be shared with all members and the public.

The complete Stanford University Policies on the Establishment of Industrial Affiliates and Related Membership-Supported Programs can be found here.