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David Miller

Professor of Electrical Engineering and of Applied Physics

David Miller’s research interests include fundamentals of optics in communicating, processing and sensing information; programmable and self-configuring optics; nanophotonics; and optoelectronic physics and applications of quantum-confined structures, such as semiconductor quantum wells. One major recent research topic is the design, control, and configuration of complex integrated optics enabled by micro- and nano-fabrication, including algorithms and architectures of programmable and self-configuring integrated optical networks for applications in information processing, communications and sensing. He has also developed a new modal view of optical systems that has led to fundamental physical laws and gives limits and design approaches for complex optical systems generally.


Research Areas:
Fundamentals, technology and applications of optics in information processing, communications and sensing

Department(s): Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics
Location:  Spilker 203
Mail Code:  4088
Phone:  (650) 723-0111