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Professor of Ophthalmology

Alfredo Dubra, PhD

Professor of Ophthalmology
My interest in ophthalmology started at a very early age, motivated by my own amblyopia and hyperopia. These led me to study physics and optics, first at the Universidad de la República (Uruguay), and later at Imperial College London (UK) and the University or Rochester (USA). Since then, my research has focused on the advancement of optical technologies for improving the understanding, diagnosing and monitoring of conditions that result in vision loss.

The premise that motivates all the work in my lab, is that after the first few days of life most retinal cells are post-mitotic, and thus early detection and treatment of disease are paramount for preventing vision loss. Therefore, my work is centered on optical technologies that can reveal and monitor pathology with ever increasing sensitivity and detail, even revealing cellular and sub-cellular structural and functional changes. I also believe that people affected by vision loss are better served by the scientific community if we work synergistically, and for that reason, everyone in my lab is committed to the dissemination of our technical advances across the vision research community.


PhD, Imperial College London, UK, Physics (2004)
MSc, Universidad de la República, Uruguay, Physics (2000)
BSc, Universidad de la República, Uruguay, Physics (1998)