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Jelena Vuckovic

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Professor Vuckovic’s group performs experimental and theoretical research in nanoscale and quantum photonics. Particular areas of interest are photonic crystal devices and integration, solid state photonic quantum information technologies, and associated nanofabrication technology. Vuckovic’s group recently developed ultra-fast photonic crystal nanolasers with 100 GHz response, and quantum dot-photonic crystal cavity single photon sources for quantum cryptography. In collaboration with the Miller and Harris groups, Dr. Vuckovic’s group works on silicon-based lasers.

Research Areas:
Photonic crystal-based optical and quantum optical devices and their integration; solid-state photonic quantum information systems; cavity quantum electrodynamics with quantum dots

Department(s): Electrical Engineering
Location:  Ginzton Lab
Mail Code:  4088
Fax:  (650) 723-5320