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Daniel Palanker

Professor of Ophthamology

Professor Palanker’s group studies interactions of electric field with biological cells and tissues in a broad range of frequencies – from quasi-static to optical, and develops their medical (primarily ophthalmic) applications. In the field of laser-tissue interactions it includes: cellular response to hyperthermia; dynamics of photocoagulation; explosive vaporization and cavitation; multi-photon ionization. Photothermal interactions are applied to minimally-traumatic ocular therapy, with research including mechanisms of retinal laser therapy, retinal plasticity in response to hyperthermia, migration of photoreceptors and their rewiring. Multiphoton ionization of transparent tissues is applied to cataract and refractive surgery.

In the field of electro-neural interface Palanker’s group is working on mechanisms of neural stimulation and development of optoelectronic retinal prosthesis for restoration of sight to patients blinded by retinal degeneration. This project involves development of photosensitive subretinal implants, studies of retinal response to patterned electrical stimulation, cellular migration and retinal rewiring following subretinal implantation of 3-dimensional arrays.

Research Areas:
Biomedical optics and electronics

Department(s): Ophthalmology
Location:  HEPL 135
Mail Code:  4085
Phone:  650-725-0059
Fax:  650-725-8311