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W.E. Moerner

Professor of Chemistry, and, by courtesy, of Applied Physics

The Moerner lab specializes in the detection, spectroscopy, imaging, and trapping of individual fluorescent molecules in a range of environments, from liquids to polymers to living cells. By following single molecules, no ensemble averaging is necessary, and specific biological processes can be examined, one at a time. Current work involves trapping of biomolecules in solution with the ABEL trap without optical forces or tweezers, explorations of bacterial cell regulatory proteins and how their localization patterns control development, molecular chaperonins assisting protein folding, and novel single-molecule fluorophores.

Prof. Moerner was awarded the Wolf Prize in Chemistry in 2008 and the Irving Langmuir Prize in Chemical Physics, 2009.

Research Areas:
Single-molecule spectroscopy, biophysics, nanophotonics, single photon sources, cellular imaging, trapping of nanoscale objects

Department(s): Chemistry Affiliations(s): OSA, ACS, APS, IEEE, Biophysical Society
Location:  Stauffer II, Rm. 12
Mail Code:  5080
Phone:  (650) 723-1727
Fax:  (650) 725-0259