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Marc Levoy

Professor of Computer Science and of Electrical Engineering
Marc Levoy

Professor Levoy’s group is currently performing research on light field imaging and display, computational imaging, and digital photography.
His group has built optoelectronic devices for measuring 3D shape, light fields and reflectance functions. These include a real-time range scanner based on video projectors, a handheld camera for capturing instantaneous light fields, and a multi-camera array for acquiring video light fields. A light field is a 2D array of 2D images, each taken from a different viewpoint. By assembling pixels from several images taken from different viewpoints, new views can be constructed from observer positions not present in the original array.

Research Areas:
Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

Department(s): Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Location:  Gates Bldg 3B-366
Mail Code:  9035
Phone:  (650) 725-4089
Fax:  (650) 723-0033