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Benjamin Lev

Assistant Professor of Applied Physics, and, by courtesy, Physics
Ben Lev

LevLab explores uncharted regimes of strongly correlated and topological matter by pushing the experimental state-of-the-art in ultracold atomic physics, quantum optics, and condensed matter physics. At a billionth of a degree above absolute zero, laser-cooled and trapped gases of neutral atoms are among the coldest objects in the universe. Informed by quantum many-body theory, we employ quantum gases as versatile testbeds for exploring the organizing principles of novel quantum matter such as quantum glasses and quantum liquid crystals.

Current areas of focus:

Dysprosium quantum soft matter
Cryogenic atom chip microscopy
Quantum Brazovskii phase transition
Quantum glasses and neural networks


Department: Applied Physics

Location: Spilker 304

Phone: 650-723-0268