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Joseph Kahn

Professor of Electrical Engineering
Joe Kahn

Professor Kahn’s group is focused on optical fiber communications, free-space optical communications and associated devices/subsystems. Of particular interest are advanced modulation, coding and detection for high spectral efficiency and enhanced tolerance to transmission impairments, as well as signal processing to compensate these impairments. In free-space systems, Kahn’s group is working with Prof. Fejer’s group on wavelength converters to enable mid-IR transmission, and on signal processing to compensate for atmospheric turbulence. Professor Kahn’s group also does research on high data rate transmission in multi-mode fibers. In collaboration with Dr. Fan’s group, Kahn’s group has used adaptive optics to mitigate modal dispersion to increase the distance over which signals can be transmitted at high bit rates and have demonstrated 10 Gbps transmission over more that 10 km of standard multi-mode fiber.

Research Areas:
Optical fiber communications, free-space optical communications, associated devices and subsystems

Department(s): Electrical Engineering
Location:  Spilker 216
Mail Code:  9575
Phone:  650-724-9584
Fax:  650-723-9251

Working Group(s):