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Lambertus Hesselink

Professor of Electrical Engineering, and, by courtesy, of Applied Physics

Professor Hesselink’s group focuses its research on fundamental processes related to laser-matter interaction with novel applications in telecom technology. Hesselink’s group is investigating fundamental materials processes in electro-optic media for manipulation of the index of refraction and modification of the interaction between waves and grating structures for WDM switching applications. They have also pioneered the development of digital holographic data storage systems. Currently, Dr. Hesselink’s group is exploring ultra dense optical storage on phase change and magneto-optic materials using near field recording through efficient nano-sized apertures.

Research Areas:
Nanophotonics and ultra-high density optical data storage

Department(s): Electrical Engineering
Location:  CIS X Room 325
Mail Code:  4075
Phone:  650-723-4850

Working Group(s):