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James Harris

Professor Emeritus of Engineering and, by courtesy, of Materials Science & Engineering and of Applied Physics
James Harris

Professor Harris’s group does research on the growth, characterization, nanofabrication and device implementation of unique compound semiconductor materials. Harris’s group has pioneered the development of low bandgap GaInNAsSb materials for efficient long wavelength telecom lasers on GaAs substrates. His group also uses carefully controlled molecular beam epitaxy combined with nanolithography to prepare artificially structured materials with atomic layer control and enhanced performance. Recent achievements include new materials that extend the wavelength range that can be covered by VCSELs on GaAs substrates and, in collaboration with Miller’s group, new quantum well materials for high performance electro-absorption modulators that are compatible with Si substrates.

Research Areas:
Semiconductor optoelectronic materials, devices and applications, quantum information

Department(s): Electrical Engineering
Location:  Paul G. Allen Center for Integrated Systems, Rm. 328
Mail Code:  4075
Phone:  650-723-9775
Fax:  (650) 723-4659