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Martin Fejer

Professor of Applied Physics
Marty Fejer

Professor Fejer’s group focuses on nonlinear and guided-wave optics as well as novel nonlinear optical materials and their device applications. Particular areas of interest are the use of microstructured nonlinear optical materials to perform optical signal processing and efficient wavelength conversion for telecom applications. In collaboration with Professor Kahn’s group, Fejer’s group is developing wavelength converters for mid-IR optical communications.

Research Areas:
Nonlinear optics, guided wave devices, telecommunications, ultra-short pulse optics, aerospace optics

Department(s): Applied Physics 

Affiliations(s): OSA, IEEE LEOS

Location:  Spilker 215
Mail Code:  4088
Phone:  (650) 725-2160
Fax:  (650) 723-2666