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Shanhui Fan

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Professor Fan’s group performs research on the theory and simulation of photonic solid state materials and devices for telecom and information technology applications. Particular areas of interest include photonic bandgap materials, nanoscale photonic devices and metamaterials. The Fan group is exploring the use of dynamic photonic structures for the storage of light for data buffering applications and modeling magneto-optic materials for storage applications. Dr. Fan’s group has collaborated with the Solgaard group on tunable filters based upon photonic bandgap crystals. In collaboration with the Kahn group, they are exploring the use of adaptive optics to achieve high data rate transmission in multi-mode fibers. Dr. Fan’s group is also exploring the use of dynamic photonic structures for stopping, storage, and time reversal of light for packet buffering in all optical switches.

Research Areas:
Photonic crystals, computational electromagnetics, optical communications

Department(s): Electrical Engineering
Location:  Spilker # 314
Mail Code:  4088
Fax:  650-725-2533

Working Group(s):