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Jennifer Dionne

Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and, by courtesy, of Radiology (Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford)
Jennifer Dionne

The Dionne group aims to address questions such as: Can optical microscopy achieve a resolution comparable to electron microscopy, to study nanoscale systems in-situ and in real-time? Can sub-bandgap photons be efficiently harvested in solar cells, to improve solar energy conversion efficiencies? Can catalytic processes be probed on the single particle or molecule level, to understand and improve catalytic reactions? And, can proteins or small molecules be optically trapped and manipulated in-vivo, to directly probe molecular mechanics and interactions in cells? Though seemingly diverse, these questions all require precise control of light-matter interactions across wavelength and sub-wavelength scales, as enabled by new optical materials.

Department: Materials Science & Engineering

Location: 496 Lomita Mall

Phone: (650) 736-2286