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Manish Butte

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Manish Butte

The Butte laboratory's goal is to address fundamental and therapeutic questions in immunology using innovative nanotechnological and biophysical approaches to visualize and manipulate cells. Our primary focus is on understanding the molecular controls that balance T cell activation versus tolerance. The ultimate aim of our work is to manipulate T cell signaling pathways to control immunologically-mediated diseases. We apply to in vitro and in vivo systems the techniques of AFM, soft lithography, and confocal microscopy. Projects in the lab include discovery and characterization of new inhibitory pathways of T cells; visualization of single-receptor activity in the T cell immunological synapse; super-resolution microscopy of immune cell receptors; nanoscale manipulation of single-receptors on T cells; atomic force microscopy of cells and biomaterials; development of low-cost diagnostic tools for immune monitoring and autoimmune diseases (such as Type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis); mechanobiology of immune cells, cardiomyocytes, and cancer cells; and characterization of self-like antigens and their roles in autoimmunity.

Department(s): Pediatrics
Location:  300 Pasteur Drive, H307A
Mail Code:  5208
Phone:  650-721-1324
Fax:  650-498-6077

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