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Zhenan Bao

Professor of Chemical Engineering, and, by courtesy, of Materials Science & Engineering
Zhenan Bao

Professor Bao’s research group uses chemical and chemical en­gineering approaches towards the fabrication of functional nano- and microstructures with novel electronic and photonic properties. Research activities involve organic and polymer synthesis, surface chemistry, nano- and micropatterning, bio-inspired patterning and assembly, and materials and device characterization. The devices of current interest are organic thin film transistors, molecular switches, organic light emitting diodes, and chemical and biological sensors. These devices are used as characterization tools for fundamental stud­ies and they are also of practical interest for nano-scale electronics, low cost and large area flexible plastic circuits, displays, and disposable sensors. Current projects include the synthesis of lowband gap high charge carrier mobility materials, morphology control of organic semiconductors, and the patterning of organic semiconductors.

Research Areas:
Polymer and organic electronics and photonics

Department(s): Chemical Engineering
Location:  Chemical Engineering Department
Phone:  (650) 723-2419
Fax:  (650) 723-9780