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AWIS webinar: Mentors are Good, Sponsors are Better

Thursday, February 19, 2015 - 9:00am
Spilker 143

Elizabeth L. Travis, PhD, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Mentoring, both informal and formal, is well documented to advance the careers of women in science but unfortunately has not had a similar impact on changing the face of scientific leadership - women remain woefully underrepresented as professors and as leaders. 

This can no longer be attributed to the lack of women in the pipeline, the percent of women graduating with PhDs in the sciences, particularly the life sciences, has been at least 40% for the last decade.   Facing the same challenge, the business world is using sponsorship programs specifically designed to accelerate the careers of women as leaders.

Although mentorship and sponsorship share some components, they also differ in key areas.   This session will identify the key differences between mentorship and sponsorship, the roles and responsibilities of mentees and protégées and will define how sponsors can accelerate your career and help you attain your goals across the entire career spectrum.

SPRC will be attending this webinar from Spilker 143. You're invited to join either in person, or students may register their own account with AWIS.

About AWIS at Stanford

Stanford has an institutional membership in AWIS, the Association for Women in Science, a national nonprofit working to support and advance women in STEM fields. As a result, AWIS membership for all Stanford students is free (postdocs may join at a rate reduced from the usual professional rate).

Currently about 300 Stanford students are members of AWIS.  The primary benefits include access to good information and networks for professional development via the AWIS newsletter, website, webinars, membership directory, blogs, etc.  (Note that the local Palo Alto AWIS chapter also collaborates with Stanford graduate students and postdocs on a local face-to-face, one-on-one mentoring program, with funding provided by VPGE -- this is a separate organization, though related to the national AWIS.)

More information available here.