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Aspects of Nanophotonics: Radiative Cooling, Image Processing and Topology

Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 10:00am

This is a live webinar hosted by the OSA Nanophotonics Technical Group. 

Nanophotonic structures offer powerful capabilities for controlling the fundamental properties of light. These capabilities can also lead to opportunities for new applications. In this webinar, Prof. Fan will discuss recent efforts in advancing the fundamental sciences related to nanophotonic structures as well as potential applications.

On the fundamental side, Prof. Fan will discuss the generalization of topological concepts to the analysis of the scattering matrices of devices, leading to the ability for robust arbitrary generation of polarization as guaranteed by the topology of scattering coefficients in wave-vector space. In terms of applications, Prof. Fan will discuss some of the latest developments in radiative cooling, where he  and his team aim to combine nanophotonic devices with thermal system design to improve the efficiency of energy conversion systems. Then to conclude the webinar, he will also discuss the potential for using nanophotonic structures for image processing applications.

Please register in advance to attend this webinar.