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About SPRC

The Stanford Photonics Research Center builds strategic partnerships between the Stanford University research community and companies employing optics and photonics in their commercial activities. SPRC offers member companies facilitated access to Stanford faculty, students, and researchers via faculty-led Working Groups, SPRC workshops and symposia, research project collaborations and visiting researcher programs.




Eye implant developed at Stanford could lead to better glaucoma treatments

Lowering internal eye pressure is currently the only way to treat glaucoma. A tiny eye implant developed by Stephen Quake's lab could pair with a smartphone to improve the way doctors measure and lower a patient's eye pressure.


Faculty Spotlight

James Harris

James Harris

Professor Harris’s group does research on the growth, characterization, nanofabrication and device implementation of unique compound semiconductor materials. Harris’s group has pioneered the development of low bandgap GaInNAsSb materials for efficient long wavelength telecom lasers on GaAs substrates. His group also uses carefully controlled molecular beam epitaxy combined with nanolithography to prepare artificially structured materials with atomic layer control and enhanced performance.

SPRC is proud to support the National Photonics Initiative. The National Photonics Initiative (NPI) is a collaborative alliance among industry, academia and government seeking to raise awareness of photonics - the application of light - and drive US funding and investment in five key photonics-driven fields critical to US competitiveness and national security: advanced manufacturing, communications and information technology, defense and national security, energy, and health and medicine.